How To Store Magic Mushrooms

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Understanding how to store magic mushrooms is crucial for extending their shelf life. Mushrooms on their own don’t last long, since they’re composed of roughly 92% water. Thus making mushrooms an ideal place where humid-loving bacteria can thrive. Proper storage will not only extend their shelf life but also preserve the quality and the potency of magic mushrooms. In this article, we will guide you through the correct procedure for storing and preserving magic mushrooms. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Because magic mushrooms are mostly water, they are vulnerable to bacteria that thrive in humid environments.
  • Direct direct sunlight and high temperatures quickly diminish the potency of psilocybin.
  • If you want to store your mushrooms for longer periods of time, proper drying is necessary.
  • Store magic mushrooms in airtight containers like mason jars or zip-lock bags.
  • If you want to store your magic mushrooms for longer periods of time you can create a mushroom-infused chocolate, or combine them with honey.

What To Avoid When Storing Magic Mushrooms

If you want your magic mushrooms to stay potent and effective you need to store them properly. Thus, the first step in learning how to store magic mushrooms is understanding what you shouldn’t do. Here are some things your magic mushrooms will not appreciate:

Too Much Moisture and Humidity

One big thing to watch out for is too much moisture and humidity. If magic mushrooms get wet, they might grow mold, lose their potency, and eventually not work at all. Always make sure your mushrooms are completely dry before you store them. Use sealed containers with stuff that soaks up moisture to keep them dry, like silica gel. Don’t keep them in places that are highly humid, like bathrooms or damp basements.

Direct Sunlight and High Temperatures

Direct sunlight and heat can make magic mushrooms lose potency rapidly. UV rays can break down the active parts of magic mushrooms, so always keep them away from the sun and heat. Avoid storing them near heat sources like ovens, radiators, and furnaces.

Air Exposure

Oxidation is an enemy of all edible things. In order to extend the shelf life, companies put various anti-oxidants in their product. While magic mushrooms are not technically considered food, they share the same properties of vulnerability to oxidation. Air exposure can make them weaker and also decrease their shelf life. To stop this, use airtight containers that have a good rubber seal.

Changes in Temperature and Humidity

Storing magic mushrooms where the temperature and humidity go up and down a lot can make them less potent. Quick changes in these parameters can make moisture build up in the container or contribute to mold growth.

Magic Mushroom Contamination

Contamination refers to the unwanted presence of foreign microorganisms such as bacteria, mold, and yeast. These intruders can start degrading magic mushrooms, making them spoil a lot faster. Here are some of the basic signs of contamination:

  • Discoloration: Color changes, such as the appearance of yellow or brown patches or streaks on the mushroom surface.
  • Off-odors: Strong, unpleasant odors coming from the storage containers can signal potential contamination.
  • Presence of Molds: Mold is usually characterized by white or blue-green growths on the mushroom surface.

If are uncertain that your magic mushrooms are still good, check out our blog on if magic mushrooms go bad.

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How to Store Magic Mushrooms

For this chapter, we will assume that your magic mushrooms have been properly dried. Ideally, you would want to store your mushrooms in a dry, dark, and cool environment. Here are some of the most common ways to store magic mushrooms:

Mason Jars

Storing magic mushrooms in mason jars is a straightforward and cost-effective approach since you can get a set of mason jars for just a couple of dollars. These jars are designed to create a seal that keeps oxygen out, slowing down the oxidation process that can lessen the potency of your magic mushrooms.

You can expect around six months of effective storage using this method without a noticeable decline in potency. After this period, your magic mushrooms will slowly start to disintegrate.

shrooms in zip lock bag

Zip-lock Bags

Zip-lock bags provide a similar level of safeguarding as mason jars, though they have their own pros and cons. A plus side of zip-lock bags is that you can push out much of the air before sealing, minimizing the oxygen inside the storage container.

However, compared to mason jars, zip-lock bags might leak sometimes if not sealed tightly. A smart move is to seal your magic mushrooms in a zip-lock bag and then put it inside a mason jar for added protection.

Mushroom Honey

Honey is one of the best natural preservatives. Although the honey you find at your local store usually comes with a suggested best-before date, if it’s real honey, it can last far beyond this point. To preserve magic mushrooms in honey, simply put them in an empty mason jar and cover them with fresh, organic honey.

Make sure that the mushrooms are completely covered in honey, as any part that is exposed may spoil. You can powder the mushrooms first or put them in the jar whole – both methods are effective. If everything is done correctly, you can store magic mushrooms in honey for 2 years and even longer.

Mushroom Chocolate

Chocolate is a surprising ally for keeping things fresh. You can create your own psilocybin chocolates by grinding your dried magic mushrooms into powder, melting chocolate on the stove (dark chocolate is best for lasting), and mixing in your powdered mushrooms as the chocolate cools. Make sure not to heat the mushrooms directly, as heat can affect the psilocybin content inside mushrooms. Chocolate forms a shield around the magic mushrooms inside. It blocks UV light and oxygen, thus prolonging the shelf life to about 6-12 months.

Storing Fresh Magic Mushrooms

Fresh magic mushrooms will without a doubt spoil faster than dried ones. Without proper care, mushrooms can succumb to mold and decay in a matter of days. Even when stored in a refrigerator, their freshness is preserved for a limited span of approximately five to ten days.

For people who want to use them within this time frame, it’s important to store them properly. The most important thing for storing fresh magic mushrooms is air exchange. Storing them in a plastic bag or anything airtight will increase the humidity of the environment, leading to the accelerated growth of mold and bacteria.

When storing fresh magic mushrooms, simply place them in a brown paper bag and refrigerate. You can also place paper towels in a bowl and put your magic mushrooms on top of the paper towels. Don’t cover the bowl just leave it open so that air can circulate. If your intention is to preserve your magic mushrooms for longer than 10 days, he only viable solution is to undertake the drying process. This step is indispensable and cannot be circumvented.

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