How To Pay

How To Pay

We have created easy to follow instructions in three areas please read below to learn more. We have chosen to only allow members access to payment information so they are only accessible in the places below. We may change information from time to time so please read the instructions carefully.


After you have checked out and placed your order successfully, you will find clear details on how to send your Interac E-transfer.


The same instructions and details will be in your order confirmation email in case you have lost the thank you page after checkout.


Coming in March we will start to include information you need in your My Account Dashboard.

FAQ's For Paying

Before contacting us about paying, have a look below to find your question and answer.

1. I sent payment, now what?

Once you’ve sent your payment we will continue to process your order, if we’ve received your payment by 12:00pm(PST) your package will be shipped out that day, otherwise your package will be shipped out the next business day.

3. What should I set my security question and answer to?


On your Thank You Page after you checkout you will receive instructions on what information you need. We have made it easier for you by automatically filling in your order number in the instructions so you do not have to search for it anymore.

Order Number: XXXXXX
(Your order number will be displayed in your order confirmation email and on your Thank You page after you place an order)


On your Thank You Page after you checkout and in your confirmation email you will receive exact instructions on setting your answer. Each answer is unique every time you order for extra security, anyone that may have retrieved your transfer email by mistake will need to know the unique answer.

5. I sent payment over the weekend, what will happen?

If you have ordered over the weekend or after 12:o0pm (PST) Friday, which is the daily cut off time for same day shipping, your order will be processed and shipped out the next business day usually on Monday if it is not a statutory holiday.

7. What email should I send payments to?

The email to send payments to can now be found after checkout and in your order confirmation email.

9. I sent the wrong amount, what next?

If we notice that your e-transfer amount is incorrect we will not deposit your transfer and inform you first. You can always cancel your e-transfer and re-send a new one, in some cases if we have accidentally deposited your transfer and it was for an amount more than your order, we will send back the difference, or, we can give credit you in BC Bucks that will equal the difference. If your payment was for less and we deposited the amount, we will ask that you send the difference in another e-transfer, before we send your package.

11. Do I need a medical license?

No you do not need a medical license. However if you are a medical user and you are a registered member, we will help you find the best medication we offer on our site. For medical guest users, unfortunately you will purchase at your own risk.

2. How can I trust your site with payment? is a long term business, not a short term scam. We are more interested in gaining a long term customer, rather than a quick profit. We have built a reputation for being honest and reliable. By using Interac e-transfer and with the payment options we will be integrating in the future, you can feel secure that all payments are accountable. Banks have put business through proper identity, credit, and business confirmations. In addition you can always contact us for support.

4. What should I set my security answer to?

You can now find payment information after you have ordered on your Thank You page, as well as in your order confirmation email. Please read your instructions carefully after you have ordered.

6. I have never used Interac E-Transfer, what can I do?

 You can contact customer support 24/7, as well as requesting live chat assistance during our business hours.

8. I have sent payment but it's been days without any confirmations.

At BudCheapCanada we always try our best to be thorough and accurate in our order processing.  If you experience any sort of issue with payment, or a delay of any kind, please contact our customer support and we will resolve the issue immediately.

10. Do you allow guest checkout?

Currently we do allow guest checkout, however we will require all users to verify age first.

12. What is your age restriction? requires all customers to be 19 years of age or older to purchase here, no matter what province you live in. This is to insure that we cover all age restrictions from province to province.

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