• Dickpunch Extracts – Duke Nuken (Hybrid)

      $39.00 $35.00

      Dickpunch Extracts – Duke Nuken (Hybrid) – 1g

      Duke Nuken may be named after a video game character who spends his days obliterating “alien bastards,” but this strain is a lot more laidback than its action hero namesake. The mostly sativa hybrid produces an active mental high that is uplifting and may have you feeling more creative than commando.

      What is shatter?

      Shatter is a type of butane hash oil (BHO) cannabis extract made from trichomes stripped away from cannabis flowers. It has a honey-gold colour and is named for its solid form: when dropped, it breaks or “shatters” like glass. Shatter must be heated and then the smoke inhaled, and there are a few ways to do this.  The best way to use shatter is with a dabbing rig,special pipes or bongs used for consuming concentrates, extracts and oils. Adding small pieces to a bowl, joint or blunt are also good ways to consume shatter.


    • King Cobra Shatter – PYTHON (Nuken – Indica) – 1g


      Produced by King Cobra Concentrates. High Quality. We Recommend.

      King Cobra Concentrates makes high quality extracts from their house grown cannabis. Always quality and high rated products.

      About: This Shatter is made from King Cobras Nuken flower, this shatter boasts a strong flavor profile and nice clear amber look. Lots of terpenes present when dabbed and has a nice strong high. Each package contains 1 gram of BHO extracted shatter.

    • YoCan ARMOR Pen

      $40.00 $25.00

      YoCan ARMOR Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrates

      YoCan ARMOR Pen is a very sleek and stylish potable vaporizer unit. This straightforward concentrate vaporizer is great for shatter, terp sauce, wax, and other concentrates. The ARMOR features 3 heat settings, comes with an additional replacement coil, and a concentrate tool for scooping. 

      YoCan ARMOR features

      2 Popular QDC Coils
      Functional Coil Cap
      10 second preheat function
      Featured 3 Voltage Levels
      Fully Charged In 30 Min
      Micro USB Charging
      Stylish colors
      Compact And Portable


      QDC Coils Features

      Quartz Dual Coil Technology
      Big Clouds


      Package Contents

      1x ARMOR Pen
      1x Extra QDC coil
      1x Pick Tool
      1x USB Cable
      1x Instructions Manual

    • YoCan ARMOR Replacement Quartz Dual Coil (QDC)


      Replacement Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) for the YoCan ARMOR Portable Vaporizer Pen. 

      Available in Single & 5 pack.


      Yocan ARMOR QDC Replacement Coils feature a set of dual quartz rods wrapped in stainless steel, outputting delicious flavour from your concentrates. The use of quartz heating elements allows the Yocan Armor Coils to produce potent rips. That’s because quartz tend to produce more potent vapors because it can reach higher temperatures faster. With these affordable replacement coils you can make your Yocan Armor concentrate pen last a long time. 

      The coils are easily connected to the battery of the Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate with 510-threaded connections. 510-threaded connections allow for better connection between the heating element and the battery. That’s because the threads serve as a solid and firm link between the battery and the heating element that won’t get easily knocked off its place.

      QDC Coils Features

      Quartz Dual Coil Technology
      Big Clouds


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