How to use and earn BC Bucks.

  1. BC Bucks can be applied to any order with a subtotal of over $150. Every new sign up receives 25 BC Bucks which are in your account and can be redeemed anytime your order sub-total is $150 or more. When you check out, you will see an option above billing details that says “”Click to use BC bucks”. Click that and you will be able to apply them to your bill.
  2. Spend and earn. We use a straight 1 to 1 points system, which means that every point earned is worth $1. It’s simple, every $50 you spend in your cart (subtotal) earns you 1 BC Buck worth $1.
  3. Our Refer a Friend program is another easy way that you can earn extra $25 BC Bucks for you and a friend when they sign up and make a minimum purchase. See details here.

Terms and Conditions of the BC Bucks Rewards Program:

  1. BC Bucks have no monetary value outside of our site, and can only be used to purchase products at
  2. FREE SHIPPING on all orders $150 and over (after applying BC Bucks).
    • EXAMPLE: If your subtotal is $200 and you have applied 50 BC Bucks you will get FREE Shipping with your new total being $150. You will also earn BC Bucks on the balance of your sub-total.
  3. We will use your billing address as your default shipping address. If you need to ship to a a different address, please contact our customer service and we will be more than happy to accommodate you.
  4. Creating multiple accounts in an attempt to receive more BC Bucks is not recommended! Our system has ways to detect if a single owner has multiple accounts, and once it is verified, the owner of both accounts will immediately have their BC Rewards Points removed, and will no longer be eligible to earn future points with our program. In extreme cases, we may terminate the account.
  5. Terms and Conditions may be revised and updated by