Wedding Cake AAA+ $99/oz-$320/4oz

Nice Sativa Leaning Strain.

Nose: Sweet, fruity nose.

Bud Description: This is a beautiful flower, great mixture of bud sizes, big tops/smalls/mediums, some popcorn. Sugary type crystals, with a perfect bounce not too firm and not too spongy. With nice light green color that has lighter, orange hairs.

Strength: This is a stronger hitting Sativa Strain, but has a great Sativa feel, great for social occasions, and, for those who like a more uplifting feeling than a couch lock.

About: Wedding Cake is a Hybrid Strain that leans Sativa, it’s a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookie. This flower looks like a GSC, bounce is like a Cherry Pie, but smells more on the Citrus side. It’s a beautiful looking Sativa with a great hit, high, and alternative to your standard Indica’s and other Hybrids.

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