Golden Teachers

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One of the most classic mushroom strains on the market, the Golden Teacher, also known as Psilocybe Cubensis, is famous among users worldwide. Named for its colour and ability to bring on deep philosophical introspection, the Golden Teacher is an essential tool in any psychonaut’s toolbox.

While many magic mushrooms are appropriate for casual trips, The Golden Teacher holds a special place in our hearts and minds for bringing about deep spiritual journeys. As such, this mushroom is regularly used in shamanic practices across the globe.

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Golden Teacher Effects

Surprisingly, the Golden Teacher mushroom provides a slightly shorter experience than other mushrooms, lasting only an hour or two. In terms of potency, however, the experience is considered average. This makes the Golden Teacher an excellent mushroom for newbies and experienced users.

Overall, the visuals experienced while using the Golden Teacher are considered mild, and these mushrooms are less likely to provide a bad trip when used in moderation. You can see why this particular strain is so popular considering its versatility. They’re ideal for someone who is nervous and just starting out.

Dosage Guide

Remember: with magic mushrooms; psilocybin varies—they are a natural product. It’s always better to start small and ramp up from there. You can always take more but you can’t decide to take less once your trip is underway. As far as psychedelics go, a good rule of thumb is to start small.

  • Micro dose 0.25g or less imperceptible effect
  • Low dose 0.25 – 1g gentle effect
  • Medium dose 1 – 2g standard effect
  • Strong 2.5 – 5g strong effect
  • Heavy 5 g or more blasting into the cosmos

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