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    $45.00 $30.00


    Each kit includes:

    • 1 Juul Style Vape Battery
    • 1 USB Charger
    • 1 Gram Jack Herer Strain Vape Pod Cartridge


    Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s. Since then, this spicy, pine-scented strain has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency.


    Additional pods are available for purchase in various strains, and can be used with the battery included in this kit.

    Vape Pod Cartridges are made with All Natural Cannabis Terpenes. No additives. No PG or VG.


  • High Voltage FSE Sauce

    $50.00 $40.00

    High Voltage FSE Sauce

    The High Voltage FSE Terp Sauce is a cannabis concentrate derived from live fresh plants, purged low and slow. While many concentrates lose their terpenes in the process of becoming a concentrate, terp sauce does the opposite by celebrating the terpenes. Easy to use with a dab rig or Wax Pen.


    About High Voltage: High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract from High Voltage Extracts in BC are some of the highest-end premium cannabis extraction available on the market. HTFSE 95% THC is the preservation of all available terpenes maintained from harvest to vaporization, High-terpene full spectrum extract (HTFSE) is a highly refined concentrate that captures the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower. Typically, Full Spectrum Terp Sauce will contain about 50% Cannabinoids, 20-30% Terpenes, and 20-30% other trichrome cannabis biomolecules


    Strains: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains available. Check back often, as we receive new strains periodically. 

  • Vape Battery by Bright Bay


    Description: Brightbay Lithium Ion battery and USB charger offers a compact way to enjoy your Brightbay vape pen. The pen features a thin battery pack along with a USB charger. These batteries work great and have been tested with all the vape carts we sell. We also offer 30 day Warranty on any defective batteries.


    • Brand: BrightBay
    • 1 Vape Pen Battery
    • 1 USB charger
    • 400 mAh

  • YoCan ARMOR Pen

    $40.00 $35.00

    YoCan ARMOR Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrates

    YoCan ARMOR Pen is a very sleek and stylish potable vaporizer unit. This straightforward concentrate vaporizer is great for shatter, terp sauce, wax, and other concentrates. The ARMOR features 3 heat settings, comes with an additional replacement coil, and a concentrate tool for scooping. 

    YoCan ARMOR features

    2 Popular QDC Coils
    Functional Coil Cap
    10 second preheat function
    Featured 3 Voltage Levels
    Fully Charged In 30 Min
    Micro USB Charging
    Stylish colors
    Compact And Portable


    QDC Coils Features

    Quartz Dual Coil Technology
    Big Clouds


    Package Contents

    1x ARMOR Pen
    1x Extra QDC coil
    1x Pick Tool
    1x USB Cable
    1x Instructions Manual

  • YoCan ARMOR Replacement Quartz Dual Coil (QDC)


    Replacement Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) for the YoCan ARMOR Portable Vaporizer Pen. 

    Available in Single & 5 pack.


    Yocan ARMOR QDC Replacement Coils feature a set of dual quartz rods wrapped in stainless steel, outputting delicious flavour from your concentrates. The use of quartz heating elements allows the Yocan Armor Coils to produce potent rips. That’s because quartz tend to produce more potent vapors because it can reach higher temperatures faster. With these affordable replacement coils you can make your Yocan Armor concentrate pen last a long time. 

    The coils are easily connected to the battery of the Yocan Armor Ultimate Portable Vaporizer Pen for Concentrate with 510-threaded connections. 510-threaded connections allow for better connection between the heating element and the battery. That’s because the threads serve as a solid and firm link between the battery and the heating element that won’t get easily knocked off its place.

    QDC Coils Features

    Quartz Dual Coil Technology
    Big Clouds


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