Night Nurse AA

Night Nurse Strain Characteristics.

The best sleep of your life is awaiting you the moment you take a hit of Night Nurse. A three-way cross between BC Hashplant, Harmony, and Fire OG Kush, it’s an indica-dominant hybrid that’s named quite appropriately. Users love the calm and heavy high it brings while easing aches and pains and relaxing every muscle in your body.

Night Nurse ranges anywhere from 10% to 21% THC, so this 80/20 blend might require a hit or two before you really start to feel it. Although you’re probably aiming for such much-needed rest, take a moment and admire this strain’s beautiful buds, complete with golden trichomes and an oversized neon-green appearance. It smells rather masculine, blending notes of coffee and earth with a slightly floral tone that’s pleasing and relaxing.

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