Jamaican Gum Hash

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Our Jamaican Gum hash is a higher quality hash that stays lit when burning, has an oily coating, and delivers a potent high. Though it may vary from other Jamaican Gums, it’s sure to bring you back to the golden days. Whether you’re adding it to a joint, or smoking it on its own you’ll be impressed by the beautiful colour and exceptionally oily texture.

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Where Is Jamaican Gum Hash Produced?

Jamaican Gum Hash, as the name suggests, is produced in Jamaica. The country has exported high grade cannabis and hash products around the globe for decades. Though the products vary, the quality is well known the world over.

What are the active ingredients in Jamaican Gum Hashish?

The active ingredient in Jamaican Gum Hash is THC, which is short for delta–9-tetrahydrocannabinol.

What are the benefits of taking Jamaican Gum Hashish?

Jamaican Gum Hash has the many health benefits of other cannabis products, but is especially helpful with managing chronic pain. If you’re someone suffering from chronic pain or anxiety, this is a great product. Use cautiously as it’s quite strong. Take it slow.

How should Jamaican Gum Hashish be taken?

Jamaican Gum Hash can be used a number of ways, but we recommend incorporating it into a joint with fresh flower or rolling the product into balls and smoking it with a pipe.

Is Jamaican Gum Hashish Addictive?

Jamaican Gum Hash has a higher potency than most flower because it’s concentrated. Concentrates in general can contain up to four times the amount of THC. So is Hash addictive? Not exactly. But this does mean that after prolonged use, you may find it difficult to feel as good without its use, especially when using this to treat chronic pain.

How is Jamaican Gum Hash Made?

Gum hash is produced in Jamaica during the warmer months of the year when the cannabis plants grow distinct red hairs. This not only contributes to it’s colour, but the richness of the product itself. The technique used may surprise you—the hash is formed by hand from rubbing the fresh cannabis leaves between the fingers. Though there are other techniques used in other parts of the world, Jamaican Hash is almost always made using this traditional method. As you’d imagine, it takes a long time and quite a bit of cannabis to produce Jamaican Gum, hence it’s higher price point, quality, and potency.

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30 reviews for Jamaican Gum Hash

  1. Jacko124 (verified owner)

    mmm so delicious it was a long time since I had not smoked red Jamaican gum the real thing thanks a lot bud cheap better quality is here 🙂

  2. Trooper44 (verified owner)

    Sorry but it was not was i expected but they will refund me so just for that they are very, very good peoples and i was hoping to find what i was searching for a little bit of time but i finally found the ?? Jamaican Red Gum that i have smoke in the 90. Thanks for your great help and support i will buy some shatter and Rosin from your dispensery because they seem to be some very great products. Alain ?? ?? ✌️???

  3. Norm Belec (verified owner)

    Oh Yeah ! Treated myself to some Red Gum WOW ! Blast from the past , zero to 60 in minutes . Can’t complain about the price because in the 80’s I paid $25 for a gr . Thanks BC

  4. slitch667 (verified owner)

    Very nice product and good price. The taste is awesome. Feel like the 90s. Thanks BC !!

  5. Dingo57 (verified owner)

    Once again BC rocks….thanx for the extras..repeat customer for sure.

  6. emog (verified owner)

    Great taste and good buzz. Just as I remember it.
    Thanks you

  7. (verified owner)

    Great hash , pleasant smell and great buzz. I will admit not the same as Gum hash I encountered in Jamaica , that had a very distinct flavour. Regardless still a great product as well as the others I ordered. Great customer service and also thanks for the gifts.

  8. Guy (verified owner)

    As always good stuff

  9. Eric Cote (verified owner)

    Just wow

  10. Ron B. (verified owner)

    Great hash!! Great customer service!! Will definitely buy from here again.

  11. Eric Cote (verified owner)

    Just wow

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Jamaican gum is not the right name for this hash

  13. Jeannic Simard (verified owner)

    Thank you

  14. Rémi (verified owner)

  15. Eric Cote (verified owner)

    Best stuff ever extreme buzz smell so good 500% wow

    • TanyaBC (store manager)

      👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿Merci Beaucoup!!! Nous sommes ravis que vous aimiez notre HGJ. Nous prenons soin de nos produits pour nous assurer que la qualité est à la hauteur des normes de nos clients !
      Pardon mon Francais.

  16. Guy Roy (verified owner)

  17. Michel Piché (verified owner)

    Tank you very much for your service , quality products and « extra »

  18. Raymond L. (verified owner)

    C’est pas ce que je m’attendais un peu déçu

  19. Guy (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing!

  21. Guy R. (verified owner)

    very good stuff

  22. Guy R. (verified owner)

    As always very good stuff

  23. michel (verified owner)

    this one is very good however it is gum but not jamaica I would say that it possibly comes from KETAMA, MOROCCO, the Jamaican gum has a lot of residues from the plant, leaves, pistillate of flowers, etc. but I could be wrong too , that said it is worth it, thank you.

  24. Guy (verified owner)

    Very good stuff as always

  25. Richard D. (verified owner)

    Really good and very tasty

  26. Richard D. (verified owner)

    Love it

  27. Rui (verified owner)

  28. Joanie B. (verified owner)

    Tres bon 👌

  29. Stephane B. (verified owner)


  30. Guy R. (verified owner)

    Not as fresh as it used to be

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