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Huckleberry Soda is a highly sought-after, clone-only cannabis strain from Annunaki Genetics. It is a mostly indica strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with a flowering time of approximately 58 days. The mother of this strain is Black Cherry Soda, a highly favoured cultivar, and the father is Huckleberry Hound, another quality strain. Annunaki Genetics carefully selected the best seeds from this cross and found two female keeper phenotypes and two male keeper phenotypes, with each sex producing one pink and one purple phenotype. The #4 female plant produces buds that are almost black, while the #5 phenotype has an exaggerated Black Cherry Soda plant appearance, with vivid pink buds and a red-skittles aroma that is highly coveted by cannabis enthusiasts. Huckleberry Soda is easy to grow, high-yielding, aromatic, and potent, making it a highly desirable addition to any cannabis collection.

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