Apricot Kush (AA+)


Apricot Kush is an indica-leaning hybrid strain resulting from a cross between (707 Headband X SFV OG Kush) and God Bud. It’s recognized for its clear-headed high, making it suitable for relaxation without immediate sleep. The high begins with a sense of happiness and clarity, eventually leading to a deeply relaxed state where movement feels limited. Given its THC content of 12-19% and 1% CBD, it’s recommended for conditions like insomnia, stress, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, depression, fatigue, and chronic pain. The flavor is reminiscent of sweet apricots with a caramel undertone, while its aroma combines earthy and fruity notes. The buds are neon green, small, and round, adorned with orange hairs and a layer of golden-white trichomes.

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