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High Price, and Highly Recommended.

Nose: Super strong nose, much like a Black Tuna smell, but also has a hint of sweet fruit or berry.

Bud Description: This is a beautiful flower, mostly top flower, but does have small/medium buds that are fully developed and just as nice as the tops. Buds have a nice bounce but leans towards a firmer flower. Colors are beautiful light and dark greens, with some purple throughout. Lots of crystal trichomes, cured perfectly, and plenty of stick. The trim is really good.

Strength: This is a super strong hitting strain and tastes nice

About: This particular strain is much higher on the price point, but for this quality of flower we still think you pay less with Budcheap. Not much to say but this is a beautiful flower, hard hitting smoke for anyone looking for a AAAA.

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All pictures are of the actual strain.

Many people think our cheap prices means that your going to get complete garbage, Not true. We are transparent as we can be for every strain we sell. We try to focus on quality, reflective to the price. Please read more here about our quality control here.

2 reviews for Versace

  1. Alyssa

    I’m a bud tender here and I just bought an OZ of this strain and it’s a top flower.

  2. Ryankb

    Got this as a sample with my last order and I loved gonna order me an oz if this before its gone…had a ridiculous smell, and cured beautifully..all around nice and the high lasts quite awhile…this Versace will have you on the floor

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