Tuna B – (Read Description)

Tuna B – (Read Description)

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Nose: Original smell is present with nice gas, but it does have an aged smell like it’s been on the shelf for awhile which it has.

Bud Description: This crop has been sitting in storage for some time. Stored with Boveda packs. The original color of buds are mixed with brown from the age, or possibly from growing temperatures. The buds are still sticky and produces a decent amount of rosin if you plan on using this for concentrates.  

Strength: The hit of this bud is actually quite high. Hits harder than   

About: This was highly unfortunate for this crop of Tuna A. The strain itself is amazing and still has it’s original gas and hit, but there are a lot of flaws. If you do not mind these flaws and on a budget give this a try but be warned in advance. This strain is drier but it doesn’t turn to dust, it’s being stored with humidity packs, and your bag will also include one. Although the original nose is there it does have a old age smell. There is brown on the buds from temperature issues when flowering, and from being stored in regular zip bags as opposed to vacuum sealed. Burns fine and does have it’s hit still. This can also be used for making concentrates as the rosin and crystals that the buds have are great.

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All pictures are of the actual strain.

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