Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack

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Nose: Familiar Sugar Shack. 

Bud Description: Large and Medium sized Top Flower, nice mix of bud size, no dust or bottom, nicely cured. Beautiful flower with a dense bounce back. Nice Sugary buds.

Strength: This strain has a decent hit, not the strongest as Sugar Shack is known for a milder type high. 

About: This Sugar Shack is one the top values we’ve been able to offer for $100oz. The flower is nicely cured, great sized buds, and has a decent hit. If you’re looking for beautiful looking flower for a value price this is it for you. 

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All pictures are of the actual strain.

Many people think our cheap prices means that your going to get complete garbage, Not true. We are transparent as we can be for every strain we sell. We try to focus on quality, reflective to the price. Please read more here about our quality control here.



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