CBD Vapor Rub – By The Green Samurai

CBD Vapor Rub – By The Green Samurai

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CBD is a compound found in both Hemp and Cannabis plants, and is non-psychoactive, meaning you will not get high. Studies have shown that CBD has many health benefits, although it has been also studied that CBD has a very low bio availability for our body to adsorb it’s complete benefits. That being said we have tried many CBD products and will be carrying more products soon. 

About: CBD  Vapor is another product produced by the makers of Samurai edibles and concentrates. Although we do not know the real efficacy of this product, like many others out on the market, when we tried this product it helped much like a tiger balm , but longer lasting. It also helped with sinuses when some of our team got sick. This is a fairly affordable product and is worth a try.

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