Pure Power Plant

Pure Power Plant

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Nose: Earthy, pine, with a bit of skunk nose.

Bud Description: Decent mixture in bud size. Small/Medium buds some broken bottom pieces, decent cure, but a little on the drier side. Light green, limited yellow/brown hairs, standard bounce. Has some extra leave, so not the best trim job, have seen much worse. Shows decent trichomes when magnified.

Strength: Light/Mid strength. Average hit for Hybrid leaning Sativa.

About: This is a Pure Power Plant that came to us a little cheaper with only one lb. available. The hit for this price is surprisingly stronger than what you would think, it shows a decent amount of trichomes when magnified. This particular Power Plant is lighter in color due to it’s cure which is a little bit on the drier side. The flower is not overly dry so that it crushes into dust, but for the price of $129 an OZ we think it is priced accordingly. It has been stored and will ship with Bodeva pouches. Great Budget Buy.

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All pictures are of the actual strain.

Many people think our cheap prices means that your going to get complete garbage, Not true. We are transparent as we can be for every strain we sell. We try to focus on quality, reflective to the price. Please read more here about our quality control here.


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