Pineapple Wreck

Pineapple Wreck

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Pineapple (Train) Wreck  Hybrid Strain Characteristics. 

Bud Description: A beautiful looking flower that boasts a bright lime green body that strongly gives off a yellow color when the bright orange hairs mix together. This is an excellent crop with a even mix of large/medium top flowers, and nice developed smaller buds throughout, may have limited popcorn and bottom.

About: Overall this crop is a great looking flower that was clearly watched over during it’s growing process. In terms of the smoke you can expect nice terpenes, and clean burn, and although this is a very excellent overall Hybrid, expect a more social high as opposed to a knock in the head. At this price in no way is this a low quality smoke.

Nose: Fresh fruit scents that give off a citrus nose upon initial smell, but the squeeze is what releases the true resemblance to a Pineapple Express, or Mango. Very Nice potent and exotic.

THC:  17%-19% – For simplicity reasons the range represents different crops (Tests are performed with the CB Scientific Test Kit and will not be as accurate as a professional lab, most results will be close but will differ between crops)

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3 reviews for Pineapple Wreck

  1. Operation Ivy (verified owner)

    Beautiful buds, cured nicely, definitely not garbage at this price. curious about the other cheap strains.

  2. LeanneCOPPER

    $99oz and this grade is a steal. recommend

  3. KENNI

    I tried this last week…….. Came back for a Qpound, as I really enjoyed.

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