Hemp Star

Hemp Star

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Nose: Nice potent, citrus smell, with it’s own unique gas.

Bud Description: Mostly Medium, some smalls and popcorn, a decent mix. Flower is cured perfectly, light green colored buds with very bright orange hairs, these buds have the perfect bounce. Covered in frosty trichomes and a nice stickiness when squeezed.

Strength:Probably one of the strongest Sativa’s we have ever had.

About: Hemp Star is considered a true sativa and a rarity, we have not seen a real Hemp Star in about 6 years. We were lucky enough to grab a limited quantity and hopefully we can keep bringing it in. Hemp Star is known for having higher levels of CBD along with a stronger hit than most Sativa’s and Hybrids that are Sativa Dominant. We have a seen a few other sites charging $200+ for the same strain, Budcheap brings it you for less than $180, this one is definitely for Sativa Lovers. Read more about this strainhere. We apologize but we have limited samples for this one.

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