Durban Poison

Durban Poison

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Durban Poison Sativa Strain Characteristics.

Bud  Description: Due to the nature of this sativa, this crop carries a familiar, loose, slimmer type of bud typical with a lot sativa strains. Expect a looser, fluffier, smaller bud mix. This Durban Poison may not have the greatest look, and could use a tighter trim, and we also find the nose a little more earthier. The consensus here is that it may not look the greatest but the smoke makes up for it.

About: We apologize but we do not have much information about this Durban Poison. We have best described this strain in our bud description and our bud tender reviews. This is not an outdoor grow and smokes amazing for a $99 grade.

Nose: Strong familiarity to Cough or Haze but the nose of a sweet gas comes out upon squeeze.

THC:    N/A


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