Death Candy

Death Candy

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Nose: Super Strong nose 

Bud Size: Mostly Medium, standard popcorn smaller mixture.

Strength: Strong Hit. You won’t be disappointed.

About: This strain from a private grower they had called it something else but when we looked at it, the buds were caked in crystals best described as a candy, so one of our bud tenders said Death Candy so that’s what this is. 

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5 reviews for Death Candy

  1. razzberrypie (verified owner)

    Holy Cow!!!!!! Just got my 1/8th and it’s truly like candy.

  2. patrick30 (verified owner)

    Holy **** ! Stickkkkky Buds , Large Trichlome this crop are better than the last , the taste are more sweet. ?
    Nice crystal buds

  3. Caleholder (verified owner)

    By the way it described I was expecting a little more flavour and crystal . I have only smoked it once and it was nice to smoke for sure. I noticed there are big differences among the buds as far as crystal content some are very and others aren’t so much. All smells the same though . In my opinion it’s got a strong smell of deisel in the bud . I will pick a nice lookingnine to smoke next time and add to this review. So far 4/5 but it may change

  4. Arkansasdave (verified owner)

    Should have been called the brown bomber because you get so high you could actually poo your pants
    Great smoke
    Thanks guys. You are all class

  5. Arkansasdave (verified owner)

    Another hard hitter
    This is by far the best site to get smoke
    Description is dead on
    Taste is a huge factor for me and not one strain off of here has been anything but delicious
    I’ll never use another shop
    All class all the way

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