CBD Space Candy (Greenhouse/outdoor)

CBD Space Candy (Greenhouse/outdoor)

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Out of stock

Please read about this nice outdoor Sativa strain in full transparency. May contain a few seeds, and ounces are sold as is. Nicer than most outdoors. 

Nose: Very nice nose for an outdoor strain, actually pungent like a indoor, skunky, earthy outdoor.

Bud Description: Large/Medium/Small buds, limited popcorn and bottom, a great looking mix. Decent looking flower for outdoor/greenhouse. Color is a dark deep green with bright orange hairs. Buds actually show a decent amount of trichomes, the inner bud is sticky, not wet, the cure is nice, and the bounce is regular soft. There could be a few seeds, nothing major, and the trim, as with most outdoor crops could be better.

Strength: For an outdoor/greenhouse this is a stronger hit than others, it is what you’d expect from a outdoor.

About: This is a BC Outdoor Greenhouse, most of the times we pass on outdoors/greenhouse for many reasons, but this crop was not bad and has a decent hit. A mentioned this outdoor and like many others it may contain a few seeds but nothing major, could use a better a cut. Does have a nice nose and has a decent amount of trichomes when magnified. Priced only at $69 an oz it’s not too bad for lower budgets, and bulk buys.

Growers have called this a CBD Space Candy or Sour Space Candy, but cannot confirm the genetics. The producer has claimed that this strain was chosen specifically for it’s inherent high levels of CBD.


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3 reviews for CBD Space Candy (Greenhouse/outdoor)

  1. kevquev (verified owner)

    The taste is as described. It smells very outdoorsy. The buds are very sticky. I don’t have too much experience with very high CBD strains, but after reading reviews about this product on other sites I was disappointed. After smoking several bowls I did not feel anything CBD or THC wise. Also it does not burn all that well, you either have to keep the lighter on it to keep it lit, or inhale really hard. It was good to try but I don’t think I’ll ever order this again… budcheap has great service and they package everything well.

  2. Ryley Moyah (verified owner)

    I suffer from chronic pain in my back and feet so this strain helped with the pain a bit, it was still there but much more managable. the thc levels in this were very low though so i was bummed.

  3. TanyaBC

    Thanks for the comments and reviews, prices at $79 will generally be weaker, and flower will have flaws. To be clear the description when we say nice is relative to the price of other strains in this $79oz range. But we thank you for your pros and cons.
    Thank you Tanya

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