Buddha Hash

Buddha Hash

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About: Buddha Hash is an exotic hash that is 100% Canadian produced and is collected from the resin in the actual Laughing Buddha sativa strain. This hash is extracted through a  process from pure, freshly-frozen Laughing Buddha trichomes, which keeps its spicy and earthy notes. This process can take up to 100 hours or more! The technique originates from hashish producers in Morocco and the Middle East.

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Our goal at Budcheap is to always try our best and stock affordable, quality flower, but along with flower selection we care about how the final product gets to you. Budcheap.ca weighs and packs flower to order now, we use a method to store our inventory to it protect it from oxidization. Your flower is picked and packed the same day we ship it out. Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest flower possible. If your curious please read more about how we store, pack, and deliver your flower orders so it stays as fresh as possible when you get it.


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