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Alien Bubba

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Alien Bubba Kush Hybrid Strain Characteristics

Bud Description: Nice mid and dark greens with, tinges of purple, light brown orange hairs, the trim is tight and as close as you’d get, but does have occasional leaf. Lots of trichomes when magnified. The crop has a nice cure with a standard bounce. Decent mixture of bud sizes but ranging from small/medium, slight bottom, has standard amount of developed popcorn.

About: This Alien OG is a quad for most of us after smoking it, if you can stay up the high on this smoke is really great, lots of laughing and joking, a general good time after hitting up this Alien Bubba. Has a beautiful heavy gas nose, lots of crystal trichomes, and just overall a quad leaf strain if not very close, more than an average flower at this price.

Nose: Potent, fruity, has an earthy gas.

THC:  17%-18% – For simplicity reasons the range represents different crops (Tests are performed with the CB Scientific Test Kit and will not be as accurate as a professional lab, most results will be close but will differ between crops)

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