Quality Control at budcheap.ca

BudCheap.ca like to be as transparent as possible with what you purchase, we offer .5 to 1-gram samples by request, and if we have samples ready, so we apologize if we cannot send you the strain you requested, but we will try to replace it with something you have not tried or ordered.

Many people think our cheap prices mean that you’re going to get complete garbage, Not true. We are transparent as we can be for every strain we sell. We try to focus on quality, reflective of the price. Any savings we receive we pass on to our customers.

We offer an affordable way for everyone to try our flowers to see if we meet your standards, all our 1/8’ths are $16-$25 ALWAYS. We try to bring you a range of strains and a price you can afford. Yes, people have subjective standards, and most of our strains are priced accordingly, and the quality will reflect our prices. We try and source the more affordable crops that may have some flaws, so a $99 strain will, in most cases, not be as good as other strains priced higher. As we may not always be the cheapest, our goal is to try and get you all strains at a cheaper price, so if you see a similar strain on another MOM, we will always try to beat that price if it permits us to.