Straight Goods | Dual Chamber Vape (6G)

Discover a bouquet of flavors and aromas with the offered strains:

Blueberry Cookies (Indica): A fusion of berry and honey flavors.
Skittelz (Indica): Sweet, candy-like taste with fruity notes.
Bubba Kush (Indica): Earthy, nutty flavor with a calming effect.
Mimosa (Sativa): Citrus scent with uplifting properties.
Jungle Juice (Sativa): Sweet and sour citrus flavor, energizing effects.
Peach Rings (Hybrid): Sweet, slightly sour peach flavor, relaxing high.
Original Glue (Hybrid): Chemical diesel taste, relaxing effects.
Melon Haze (Sativa): Fruity, spicy flavor, euphoric effects.
Pie Face (Hybrid): Sweet cherry hash flavor, balanced high.
Watermelon (Indica): Sweet watermelon flavor, calming effects.
Smacks Snacks (Hybrid): Potent high with a balanced indica/sativa profile.
Lamb Bread (Sativa): Cheesy flavor, energetic high.
Strawberry Cough (Sativa): Sweet strawberry flavor, cerebral high.
Holy ZaZa (Indica): Known for its sleepy high, relaxing effects.
Stoned Fruit (Hybrid): Fruity, earthy flavor, strong body buzz.
Red Lebanese Hash (Indica): Sour citrus flavor, stony, sedating effects.

The Straight Goods Disposable operates on a draw-activated system, heating the distillate as you inhale and producing vapor upon exhale. Featuring adjustable airflow, it allows control over the strength of each inhale, making it an exceptional choice for those on-the-go, first-time vapers, or individuals keen on exploring a new THC oil brand. This all-in-one disposable vape pen embodies versatility, catering to a range of cannabis connoisseurs seeking a tailored vaping experience.

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Our goal at Budcheapcanada is to always stock affordable, quality flower for the consumer. To ensure freshness, weighs and packs flower to order. We also use industry methods to store our inventory properly to it protect it from oxidization. Your flower is picked and packed the same day we ship it out. Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest flower possible.

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Blueberry Cookies + Bubba Kush, Original Glue + Melon Haze, Pie Face + Watermelon, Stoned Fruit + Red Lebanese Hashish