STRAIGHT GOODS 510 Thread Carts | 2 in 1 COMBOS (2G)


Experience the ease of draw-activated system and smooth inhalation
The Straight Goods Disposable operates on a draw-activated mechanism. A gentle inhale from the tip activates the heating of the distillate, transforming it into vapor upon exhale. The device, with its user-friendly adjustable airflow, empowers you to regulate the strength of each inhale. This all-encompassing disposable vape pen is fantastic for travel, first-time vaping adventures, or those eager to explore a new THC oil brand. The versatility offered by this cannabis vape pen is unparalleled!

Amplify the potency at your fingertips with this cannabis vape
For those constantly on the move, a little extra zest is often desired. Straight Goods now unveils combo carts, introducing 6 new craft flavors, retaining the same cherished benefits, allowing you to indulge in more of what’s admirable.

Discover your preference within this splendid assortment

Straight Goods’ 3g disposable cannabis vape presents a spectrum of indica, sativa, and hybrid options, catering to individuals aiming to address specific conditions or those in pursuit of a particular ambiance. Opt for any of the indica strains for a serene mind and body retreat, or venture into sativa realms to fuel your productivity and creativity. If you’re in the mood for a balanced experience, the hybrid strains are your go-to. Embrace the psychotropic effects as they intensify upon fully manifesting within your physique, delivering a remarkable impact comparable to few other disposable concentrate or marijuana vape pens.

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Cannabis Packed to Order. We Care About Quality

Our goal at Budcheapcanada is to always stock affordable, quality flower for the consumer. To ensure freshness, weighs and packs flower to order. We also use industry methods to store our inventory properly to it protect it from oxidization. Your flower is picked and packed the same day we ship it out. Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshest flower possible.

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Alien O.G + Hawaiiian Punch, Death Bubba + Lebanese Hashish, Death Bubba + Peach Ringz, Lilac Diesel + Watermelon Kush