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Pine Tar Kush is a pure indica strain derived directly from the renowned Kush lineage. It’s recognized for its distinct woody flavor and extremely sticky texture. The flavor profile includes a strong earthy pine taste with a touch of citrusy wood, which becomes spicier as you smoke. Its aroma carries a tangy skunk scent combined with notes of citrus and pine. The appearance of Pine Tar Kush is notable for its small, bright neon green buds, accented with thin orange hairs, shimmering gold trichomes, and a thick layer of sticky resin. Beyond its flavor and appearance, this strain is also cherished for its effects. Initially, users experience a euphoric uplift that enhances mood and focus. As the sensation progresses, a relaxing buzz emerges, starting from the back of the head and neck, then spreading throughout the body. This relaxation often leads to drowsiness, intense hunger, and eventually, a deep sleep. With its THC content ranging from 18-22%, Pine Tar Kush is recommended for alleviating symptoms like mild depression, insomnia, muscle discomfort, and appetite loss

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