Gas Mask Bubba (AAAA+)

Gasmask Bubba Kush

An indica dominant hybrid strain created as a descendant of the hugely popular Bubba Kush strain. It’s roots are local, here in the Pacific Northwest, created by backcrossing a Cherry Pie an Alien Kush F2 hybrid. With a THC content in the 23 – 27% range, it leans about 70/30 on the indica side.

The Gasmask moniker comes from how pungent the flower is supposed to be. I did not feel overpowered by the aromas; there is a gassy tang as I breathe in the buds. But not the super diesel type fragrance that comes with the Sour or Cherry diesel strains. The buds themselves are large, dense and well formed. You will be seeing, rich purple undertones, dark amber hairs, and a coating of dark amber crystal trichomes letting you know that there is some potent resin waiting to be released at your leisure.

Not sticky to the touch, the bud keeps a nice graininess after being ground up, allowing for use in the vaporizer, a joint, or a bowl. The glass-like crystals covering the buds gives a frosty look to the plant.

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We Smokin’

  • The taste is super clean, I often will need to suck on a Starburst or mint to offset some of the not so tasty strains. No need with Gasmask, love the clean taste.
  • Burns well, a nice white smoke and clean ash.
  • Goes down deep but doesn’t burn or cause that backfire cough.
  • With every couple of pulls, I can feel the high kicking in a little more, like someone smashing you in the head with the world’s softest pillow.
  • This is a strong indica I can feel the high building five or six tokes in.


Recommended practical uses:

  • Insomnia – Gasmask will aid those that have trouble falling asleep. I can feel my mind and body both losing much of the tension that had naturally built up throughout the course of the day. Like a ball of yarn slowly unravelling you’ll be able to end up as a single untangled thread.
  • Anxiety reduction – It’s hard to have enough pent-up negativity to fell anxious when you have the Gasmask on. Breathe in the clean earthy smokiness, breathe out whatever was getting you wound up as you drift off. Your mind will focus on the lack of task at hand and freeness of an open mind.
  • Physical relaxation – As the mind goes, usually the body goes. The THC in gasmask will hit you full on and fairly intensely, my time putting the gasmask on was after a round of golf. I can feel the calmness flowing through my body, it halfway feels like I just took a bath and have toweled off. That loose, limber, Mr. Fantastic kind of “body is gonna be good to go tomorrow felling” that we hope to feel as we get older.


After smoking about 3/4ths of a gram, I put the King Palm out and let the full feeling of the high come over me.


Activities you should put on the Gasmask for:

  • Couch bound. Living in a climate that is a temperate rain forest, the Gasmask is perfect for those rainy days, where you alone, or with another couch bound soul have a series of episodes or movies to watch. Want to avoid some other people on a Friday night after a long week. Gasmask and cchhiilll, you will come out on Saturday Morning rested and good to go.
  • Open world gaming. There’s a percentage of people who like to have a little more interaction in their couch locked times. I recommend a game such as Red Dead Redemption, Spider-Man, or anything where you can explore at your own leisure. I did find fast reaction games…a little more challenging than usual. Perhaps if I took the Gasmask off, I could focus a little more.
  • Milkshakes are always bomb, even more so after the Gasmask hit me.
  • Set up the towel and the tent first. Get your water ready, grab you snack and book. Take a stroll along the water light your joint, the waves lapping over your feet. Turn back halfway. Hit that towel about 3 hours before sunset. You’re welcome.


Warnings about the Gasmask Bubba:

  • This is an indica. I mean, this an end of the day strain. You will not feel like a lot of productivity after smoking.
  • Have your snacks ready ahead of time. After hitting this strain, you will not feel like making something to eat. Have your meal ready, call the delivery guy, or be ready to settle for whatever treats are handy.
  • The high will linger. Hours after smoking your portion of Gasmask Bubba, you still feels the effects. A malaise will make it hard to focus on high concentration/high effort activities.
  • The operating heavy machinery warning is applied here.

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