Hello Valued customers

We would like to kindly request that all customers that are having issues with shipping company  and your package to contact us first and we will handle it for you. As long as your tracking number has stated delivery, in any event we will resolve the issue and promise to keep you well informed promptly. This is to avoid conflict and disruption of our courier service that we think is valuable to our members in order to get your packages faster.

Budcheapcanada would like to apologize for the recent changes, and sudden removal of the Purolator courier express. The removal was an emergency and dispute between Purolator and a customer which has caused us to remove temporarily, but we are working to get it back in 1-2 weeks.

We would also like to explain the change in the $200 free shipping rise. Our vision is to try to offer people good, quality, cannabis at the cheapest price possible. There has been a drought and spike in prices of cannabis on the west coast, but we still believe we are the cheapest for the quality. Along with price hikes in cannabis there was a spike a large increase on our Purolator prices account. So in order to balance our margins we had no choice but to raise free shipping limit, however this is not so great for $200 under order customers, but we are able to offer you a cheaper, faster, courier service flat rate for both Canada Post and our fast courier service. 

We are try to be transparent with our members always, and in order for us to do business we need to set our business margins correctly, or else Budcheapcanada would not exist.

We thank you for your patience, but budcheapcanada promises you that we will be adding other incentives for everyone that will be offering bonuses and promos in the coming weeks and months.